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"Great mind thinks alike. Creative minds think differently."
- Saba Karim

Being perfectly mediocre

10-seconds after I finished a project yesterday, my manager looks over to me and says:
"Saba you did a perfectly mediocre job. Thank you!"

My jaw dropped - then I saw his smile... tthheennnnn and I got it. He was joking. Seriously, I didn't just spend a few hours on something to be told it was "not very good." Or did I?

However, regardless of the underlying truth - it did get me thinking. And before today I've never been able to articulate it, but now I do thanks to my boss. My thought is simple:

Sometimes you just have to do a perfectly mediocre job.


Well, in an era when time is money, ideas are flying out the window, technology is changing the way we do things, and simply put - peoples attention spans are lower than ever, sometimes the best job is one half-done. Okay not half, but 75-90% is fine. I mean seriously, if the blue was a little off from Facebook's billboard tomorrow would you really notice it? Or if the ZARA email that arrives in your inbox has a typo would it change your desire to buy? Would you no longer buy that cool new jackt, or hold a grudge against clicking that link? Probably not. 

My point is, don't sweat the small stuff. As long as the intention, and overarching objective is met - I feel strongly that it's about how timely you can get the message out, a company launched, or a product released. So that means, sometimes it's okay for your flyer not be 100% polished or website cranking and winning awards. Sometimes, it just needs to do its job and inform the high-level idea - and so then the concept can do the inspiring. 

This is especially true for you folks in the startup world. Wait too long to release that feature, and chances are another kick-ass team is making typos but at least they're getting their product out there!

Don't wait. Go do a mediocre job - I am sure it will be exactly what's needed.

Mom, I'm going to Techstars!

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