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"Great mind thinks alike. Creative minds think differently."
- Saba Karim

12 things you should know about working in a startup

Whether you’ve created your own startup, or you’re working in one with friends, without doubt it is going to be a rollercoaster ride. There will be so many ups and downs, you’ll think that VR and Pokemon GO have come to life in the garage you’re working out of. So without any further delay, here are 12 things you should know about working in a startup:

1. Everyday, you'll meet people who say you're crazy to leave your full-time job, and others who will say I wish I could. Both will make you feel better about yourself, or worse – it just depends on what day it is.

2. You'll have brilliant moments where you make great deals and will feel like Harvey Specter.

3. You'll have stressful times where you have no one to relate to and will feel worse than Johnny Drama.

4. Whatever your industry or position is, you're also going to have to wear the hat of a Salesman, a Marketing expert, an Accountant, an Admin, an HR professional and a Lawyer. And an IT guru, a Tax expert, Spokesperson, your own PR team, a Writer, and a Social Media Content Producer... and a Community Manager.

5. AirBnbUBERFoodler and Favor, will become your best friends.

6. Your best friends will become your Alpha testers.

7. Sadly, people will say they'll support you and buy your product or service when it launches, but they'll still likely want it for free.

8. You can work your ass off all day long, but sometimes, you’re going to just need some luck.

9. You never know when it’s safe to buy Yeezy’s because income can be so sporadic. Just kidding, as if you’d waste $350 on shoes. You could do a kickass Udemy course for that much.

10. Udemy courses are going to save your life... and thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees.

11. Your living room will become your break room, your dining room the lunch table,  your backyard patio the negotiation phone room (so your family doesn't hear your intense mode) and your bedroom will become your office.

12. Last but not least, working 60-70 hours will be exhausting, but there is no way you’re going back to working 40 hours to make someone else rich.

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