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"Great mind thinks alike. Creative minds think differently."
- Saba Karim

Stick to your specialty

Lately I've been seeing many individuals learning a new craft just for the sake of it. It is of my strongest opinion that these people should not be doing this and should in fact stop trying to want to know how to do everything - and instead focus to learning how to do ONE thing very well.

For example, if you're a product guy or know coding then stick to that. I really don't think it's going to benefit you learning how to do graphics. There are others who know graphics far better than you so instead of trying to learn it over the next few months (or realistically years) you should simply outsource this to work to those who specialize in it, so you can spend your time being a better programmer.

No company ever made it big with one person doing it all. Name one and I'll put your name on my blog for a day. Seriously, Jobs had Wozniak, Jordan had Pippen, Batman had Robin. Learn how to hand off stuff to the right people and get them on the same bus as you, and you'll be guaranteed to reach your goals faster. Don't get sucked into saving money or taking shortcuts or thinking it's easier. It's not. 

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