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The 5 most downloaded iPhone apps ever

#5 – Skype. 
Far and away the world’s most popular global communication application today, Microsoft absolutely smashed it out of the park when they purchased Skype a handful of years ago. One of the first mobile applications to make it really, really easy to videoconference with anyone anywhere on the planet 100% free of charge, Skype has become a key part of the information infrastructure that digital devices rely on so heavily these days.

#4 – Instagram. 
Instagram has quickly become one of the most important and influential social media networks in human history, and it is built almost entirely on the back of videos and photos and little more. The number one spot for people to share all of their pictures and media, Instagram is visited by more than 400 million people every single month. After Facebook acquired this company things really took off, and now it is the number four most downloaded application for the iPhone.

#3 – YouTube. 
It should come as no surprise to anyone that YouTube is as popular a download for the iPhone device, as it is far and away one of the Internet’s most visited websites and definitely one of the most heavily trafficked applications ever created. Giving everyone the opportunity to not only consume video content across pretty much every area of imaginable, the beauty of YouTube is that it also makes it effortless for people to create and share their own video content as well. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

#2 – Facebook Messenger. 
Looking to contend directly with Skype (though without the user base that Skype has quite yet), Facebook Messenger is a mobile application split out from the core Facebook application and designed to make it easy to communicate with friends anywhere and everywhere all over the world. This application has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times since it became available, and quickly established itself as the number two most popular app for the iPhone.

And the number one most downloaded iPhone app ever is…

#1 - Facebook! 
Surprise, surprise – Facebook is far and away the most downloaded application for the iPhone and probably the most often downloaded application for ANY mobile device out there right now. Facebook is the number one social media network with billions of users, and continues to grow each and every single day. The go to way to connect with all of your friends, to share pictures and moments with, and the “main page of the Internet” for billions of folks, Facebook is a core iPhone application that will be found on almost every device produced. 

Worth mentioning, I am not sure I agree with the release of, nor like the new Facebook Stories which is yet another 'clone' of Snapchat. Only time will tell if people will adopt and love, or escape and honor the original.

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