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"Great mind thinks alike. Creative minds think differently."
- Saba Karim

Mom, I'm going to Techstars!

My Mom: What's that? Is that a TV show?

Me: Hahaha okay lets rewind...

  • Techstars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator founded in Boulder, Colorado.

  • It is a 13-week program where my team and I will get a huge amount of support from an enormous pool of successful founders, investors, mentors and partners.

  • It has a presence in over 150 cities, and I'm in the Boston one, considered the fourth best place in the world for a startup.

  • 1000's of startups apply each year and only 1% of get in. We're one of the lucky ones!

  • We'll be sitting next to 12 other amazing startups who have also been chosen, who we'll get to bounce ideas off, attend workshops with, and share the unlimited supply of M&M's with.

  • Instead of staring death in the face like 90% of startups in the real world, in the Techstars world, 90% of startups have been acquired or are still active! Sure, that's a lot of pressure, but the odds are in our favor.

  • To date, Techstars backed companies have raised over $2,000,000,000. In case you got lost in all the zeros, that's TWO BILLION DOLLARS.

  • Most importantly, it means more people believe in the Evolve team, and what we are in the process of building. 

  • So, in other words, Techstars is one of the worlds best ecosystems for startups... that I'm so lucky to be part of. So if I don't WhatsApp you back - it's for a good reason

So now, do you get it?

***Mom opens up Facebook***
"Wooo... my sons going to Techstars!"

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